Roland System-8 in depth synthesis – OSCILLATORS

The roland System-8 is a plugout synth. Yes it can play other synth engines (like Jupiter-8, Juno-106 and more) but its own internal synthesis is very powerful. It combines almost every features of the classic subtractive Roland synths. Let’s dive in the System 8 own OSCILLATORS.

LFO and filters of the Roland System-8

The System 8 LFO and Filter section might seems rather normal. But in the traditional Roland tech style with the push of a button you have access to 3 variations of the LFO and 8 different filter variations. Tons of surprises.

Using the Roland System 8 sequencer

The System 8 has a step sequencer that can record in step mode or in real time. On top of recording notes it can also record knobs or fader motion. Here is how it works.

FX tour and AUDIO IN hidden features

Most of the time we process our favorite synth with effects. The Roland System-8 has 3 dedicated effect processors (actually more than that). In this video I dive in the menu that offer a lot more than the 3 knobs available on the panel for each of the FX. Also, under the hood of the System-8 you will find another dedicated reverb and delay/chorus just for the audio input.

Roland Jupiter X Free software editor

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