What is subtractive synthesis?

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What is a synthesizer?
What is an oscillator

What’s inside


What is a synthesizer?

The internal structure of a subtractive synthesizer

What is a filter?

What is LPF, HPF, BPF, Cut OFF or Resonance?

Monophony vs polyphony

What is a monophonic synth. What can a polyphonic synth do? What is a paraphonic synth?

What is an oscillator?

What is a sine wave, a square wave, sawtooth?

How to use LFO and Envelopes?

What are LFOs? What is the difference between an Amp Env and Filter Env?

How to pick your next synth

What makes a synth the best match for you?

Nice, calm and structured explained. Never take notice of the signal flow components in Zeeon😅. Thx. Hope to see more and more and more from you of these series🤤


Finally! Thank you! Watching the rest asap.

Erik Watson.

I’ve watched similar content, and I really appreciate how you explain these concepts! Thank you for putting these out!

Joe Carter