The Roland TR-08


The Roland TR-08 is a modern version of the mythical TR-808 from Roland. In this series of 3 videos I give test and review the new contender to the drum machine world. In the first video I give a tour of the TR-08.

Hidden Features

Like most Roland Boutique devices, some features only exist inside the menu. In the second video, let me show you around the hidden features of the TR-08.

TR-08 VS TR-8 Sound Challenge

I personnel own a TR-8, if you follow my blog or my Youtube channel you would know :-). I really think the TR-8 is one of the greatest drum machine out there. In the third video I show how does the TR-8 sounds compares to the new TR-08?

TR-08 VS TR-8 VS TR-09 Sound Challenge

After that side by side comparison I decided to also include the TR-09