Roland TR-08 review, hidden features and missing manual

April 2, 2019

The Roland TR-08 QUICKVIEW


START HERE to have a first understanding of what the Roland TR-08 can do. The Roland TR-08 is a modern version of the mythical TR-808 from Roland. 


Hidden Features

Like most Roland Boutique devices, some features only exist inside the menu. In the second video, let me show you around the hidden features of the TR-08.

    The Free TR-08 Missing manual

    After making the “Hidden Features” video a subscriber of my YT channel named Matt Crispell AKA “Thee Unthuz. He did a great job translating the tips included in my video into a word document. Together we prepared this pdf listing all the features of the TR-08.

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    TR-08 VS TR-8 Sound Challenge

     I personnel own a TR-8, if you follow my blog or my Youtube channel you would know :-). I really think the TR-8 is one of the greatest drum machine out there. In the third video I show how does the TR-8 sounds compares to the new TR-08?

    TR-08 VS TR-8 VS TR-09 Sound Challenge


    A side by side comparison between the TR-8,  TR-08 and TR-09 at Musitechnic. All of them are connected using USB audio into the Roland MX-1 mixer. I tried to match the same type of sounds with the 3 machines to compare how close, or not, they sound.

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