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Auria Pro

Introduction to Sound Synthesis - FREE

This course covers the basics how a synthesizer works. You will understand each part of any standard subtractive synthesizer. *Click for more info*

1hr. 30min.

Advanced course : Digital FM Synthesis

FM synthesis as marked the history of music. Still today new companies are coming up with synthesizers using FM synthesis. It’s not as easy as subtractive synthesis but it can create sounds no other synthesis can.

Coming soon!

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Nu-Trix the Synth Guy


With more than 30 years of synth design under his belt, I have been a teacher in the school Musitechnic in Montreal from 1996 until today.  I taught on the DX-7, Prophet-5 Akai S-950, S-1100, S-2800XL, JP-8000, K-2000, Roland Gaia SH-01, JV-2080, Reason, Albeton Live. Since 2017 I’m also running my Youtube Channel with tests, reviews and tutorials on synths and more.

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