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Nu-Trix the synth Guy

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Stop getting side tracked by too much misleading information found on the internet. I will help go further with your electronic music!

Luc AKA Nu-Trix the Synth Guy


I have been teaching synthesis since 1996. From the classics : DX-7, Prophet 5, JD-800, S-950, S-1100, S-2800XL, JV-2080,  TX-81Z, SE-1, JP-8000, Gaia SH-01, Tassman, FM7, Absynth, Reason, Ableton Live and now on Arturia, Novation Roland and the iPad.


In can help you the set up your studio. Rethink how to use what you already have. Teach you how to make you own sounds. Suggest different workflows for your projects. Help you better understand so you can work faster, smarter and focus on creating instead of fixing your kit.


36U$ / hour


If you are not yet ready to book a consultation but would like evaluate your request. Send an email to info@nu-trix.com and I can evaluate your case.



Can I Cancel or cancel a Booking?

Of course! Life is full of surprise, but please cancel or reschedule at least 24 hrs before the scheduled consultation. If it is in the last 24 hrs before the consultation I can keep the deposit.

What video chat system will we be using?

By default, I use ZOHO Meet, but we can also use Google meet or Zoom 

Can I check the availability?

Yes, just go on this link to set a date, the system should confirm if I’m free.

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