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Nu-Trix the synth Guy

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Stop getting side tracked by too much misleading information found on the internet. I will help go further with your electronic music!

Get help in setting up your studio to fit YOUR workflow!

I have been teaching synthesis since 1996. From the classics : DX-7, Prophet 5, JD-800, S-950, S-1100, S-2800XL, JV-2080,  TX-81Z, SE-1, K-5m, JP-8000, Gaia SH-01, Tassman, FM7, Absynth, Reason, Ableton Live and now on UVI, Arturia, Novation, IK Multimedia, Bleass, Roland and the iPad.

I can help you :

  • set up your studio,
  • rethink how to use what you already have.
  • teach you how to make you own sounds.
  • suggest different workflows for your projects.
  • better understanding of your kit
  • work faster, smarter and focus on creating instead of fixing your kit.

40U$ / hour

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Can I cancel a Booking?

Of course! Life is full of surprise, but please cancel or reschedule at least 24 hrs before the scheduled consultation.

What video chat system will we be using?

By default, I use ZOOM, but we can also use Google meet.

Can I check the availability?

Yes, just go on this link to set a date, the system should confirm if I’m free.

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