Pigments is the flagship hybrid synth sampler software from Arturia. It’s different from other soft synths but of course there’s the classic vintage virtual analog circuitry in it. Some of it actually comes from their emulation of SEM, MOOG and other vintage synth emulations (part of the V collection) and are included in pigments. Still they opened up sound design wider with  wavetables and samples. It also does granular synthesis using your own samples. It can generate very complex and powerful sounds yet it’s something that everybody can learn to use quite rapidly because Arturia did an amazing job integrating a really well made tutorial.

On top of a great sounding synthesis engine, Pigments has one of the most efficient, visually informative quick and easy modulation matrix ever integrated into any soft synth.

Over the years I made many videos to explain how pigments work:

What is Arturia Pigments good for?

With update 4, Pigments now includes 4 powerful sound engines : Virtual analog, Wavetable, Sample and Granular and Harmonics all with an amazingly powerful (yet simple) modulation matrix and great effects processors.

Does Arturia V Collection include Pigments?

No. V Collection is mostly a collection of vintage synth software emulation (with a couple of exceptions)

Is Arturia Pigments worth it?

If you want a powerful hybrid software synthesizer/sampler, it is one of the top contender you should look at.

And some extra presets Pigments bank demo