It’s so good, I made a song in a day using only SUNBOX sounds.
I really like what UVI is putting out there. They sample classic vintage and obscure synths that are so difficult to get a hold of as they did for the Vintage Volt 3 sound bank. And the great team at UVI does the job for you. They pick a great unit, they sample it, they integrate the samples in presets for their sample player called Workstation and their main sampler Falcon.

For the PX SUNBOX sound bank, they got their hands on the synth Sunsyn from JoMox released in 1999, a very powerful 8 voices analog synth with a massive modulation matrix.

Today, SunSyn are hard to find. So UVI has done a great job in capturing its sound and programmed great patches. I really loved the efforts that UVI puts in making their sound banks. PX SUNBOX follow the series to the T! Another great set of sounds to play with.
I had so much fun, I made a song the first day I got to play with it.
So here is a review, a guided tour and a song!

From UVI’s web site

Deep Sound Design of the UVI PX SunBox

Sound design possibilities on the SunSyn are nearly endless, and the results of our process with it are evident. From massive, rich, and evolving polysynth sounds created in multi-mode, to devastating and aggressive monosynth sounds utilizing modulations of both analog oscillators, the digital RCOs, and filter morphing. We designed and recorded hundreds of multisampled soundsets, ending with a curated selection of 420 layers, delivering what we think represent the most unique, charactered, and sometimes epic, sounds possible on this machine.

Professional Presets

Bass, Bells, Brass, FX, Keys, Leads, Native Sequences, Organ, Pads, Percussive, Plucks, Polysynth, Strings, Sweeps, Voices, Waveform Analog, Waveform Digital, over 450 all-new + custom designed presets are available, built from a library of 30,660 authentic hardware samples. All presets are fully-editable, meaning you can deeply customize them or even create your own. And the dual-layer architecture of PX SunBox allows you to easily create incredible layered tones from any combination of the included sounds.

UVI PX SUNBOX factory presets demo – no talking

If you want to hear how the UVI PX SunBox sounds, just listen to the following video.