Roland Go Mixer : A mixer and an audio interface.

I got my hand on a new Roland Go Mixer  to use with my iPad music making kit. If you know me a little, you know I’m into mobile music creation. My last EP “The mobiles sessions of Nu-Trix” was exclusively done on my iPad Pro. I did not need an audio interface for that EP simply because I was only using sounds generated from KORG Gadget – KORG INC.

I recently bought a used Korg Volca Beats (that I will present in a short video soon). It’s a really fun little device that is also very mobile. As I’m getting ready to go on vacation and compose away from home, I was looking for an audio interface to record the Volca Beats into Gadget’s new audio modules. My choice stopped on the Go Mixer, for 4 reasons:

  1. It’s small
  2. It works with iPad
  3. It is a mixer
  4. It’s a Roland… and I own Roland gear already. It’s just well built!