The Volca series is a little analogue revolution. It brings to the masses affordable analogue synths and drum machines with a lot of character. I originally looked at the Volcas as toys until a friend came in with a Volca Beats looking to sell it. It took me 15 minutes to play with it and to decide to buy it.

It’s small, portable, has a speaker, 6 analog sounds, 4 digital (PCM ) sounds, a cool sequencer, Motion sequence for Stutter and PCM speed. In brief, it packs a lot of punch for the buck. It’s not perfect but it’s a nice first device or addition to one’s studio.

Check out these videos for the full review.

Video 1 : Volca Beats Walkthrough and a few hidden features

Video 2  : How to sync Volca Beats with a Roland TR-09