Korg Gadget gets an update to 3.5

I’m a great fan of Korg Gadget. It’s a really fun, powerful and inspiring composing software. I have been using it since the day it came out. Saw it, and right away downloaded a copy for my iPad2 (My iPad of the moment). The workflow is efficient and the sound devices are powerful enough to be real synthesizers and not mere playback modules.

In 2015, my personal music creation needs brought me to ditch my computer for music making purposes and go iPad or hardware only. The mobile reality of the iPad music production was so freeing that it permitted to create music anywhere: at my son’s karate class, in the backyard, on the plane, at the beach, in my bed…

As a personal challenge I decided to completed an iPad only EP that released in early 2017 : “The Mobile Sessions for Nu-Trix”. An EP made exclusively on KORG Gadget – KORG INC. and mixed in Auria Pro – Music Production – WaveMachine Labs, Inc.

So what is new in the 3.5 update?

Korg has been updating the iOS version of Gadget often and the latest brings a couple of new sequencer’s features  (like graphic icon showing that the loop is active) but mostly new devices : 1 sampler, 1 synthesizer and 1 loudness maximizer.  Sadly, all of them are in app purchases.

I watched the demos, online and in the app, to finally decide to buy the Sampler (Vancouver) and the Synth (Lisbon). For now I don’t feel the need for an loudness maximizer because I mix my songs outside of Gadget. I mix and master my songs in Auria Pro.

 I made 3 videos :

Gadget 3.5 : my first impressions

I do a tour of the new 3.5 version for Gadget and get a first glance at Lisbon Gadget and Vancouver Gadget.

The factory sounds of the Korg Vancouver gadget

The factory sound of the Korg Lisbon gaget