GrooveBox by Novation and ampifymusic :

one of the best free iPad music making app

We know Novation for hardware synths, beatbox, midi controllers and soft synths but not a lot knows about the fact that Novation is present in the iPad app world. And the great news is that they offer FREE powerful apps!


It came out in spring 2017 and has evolved rapidly into a real powerful yet simple solution to create music.

Novation GrooveBox can have up to 8 tracks playing each a dedicated instruments chosen from a list of 3 virtual modules.

  • Drumbox : a drum machine using sample playback
  • Retrobass : a monophonic subtractive synth using virtual analogue
  • Poly-8 : an eight voices polyphony synth using virtual analogue

All of the modules are simple to use and powerful enough.

New song mode

Before version 1.6 there was no song mode in it. It was only possible to create one pattern. To my great joy now we find the « section » mode that permits to have many patterns one after the other.

When your song is completed enough and you want to continue working in your computer you can export to an Ableton Live file and voila!

But don’t take my word for it, check out my video and download Groovebox – Novation! It’s free!