The mobile sessions of Nu-Trix EP

The EP is now available on most online music platform.

Check it out.

EP “The mobile sessions of Nu-Trix“.


Made with Gadget and Auria Pro.

My EP ” The Mobile Sessions of Nu-Trix” was made exclusively using an iPad 12 pro, Korg Gadget and Auria Pro. I composed anywhere I could on my iPad Pro. I composed at home, in my home studio, at the kitchen table, in the plane, at the beach, at my son’s karate class, anywhere I had a moment. When I felt the song was ready enough I would export it in my dropbox drive and then import the tracks in Auria Pro. I even made my own mastering after getting real good tips from EEKKOO online course at Musitechnic online academy.


New except from the  newest EP “The mobile sessions of Nu-Trix“.