Synth 101 – P.1 : what is an oscillator?

When starting in synthesis is can be difficult to ready understand the meaning of each part found in your synth. It doesn't matter if the synth is real analogue, digital or a VST soft synth, the synthesis concepts all start from the same basics. In this series of...

Been watching all your videos, I certainly have you to thank for helping me get my head around my tr08! Thanks for putting these vids together dude. Exciting times for music tech, never thought I’d own an 808 and 101. Don’t care that they’re clones!

How to make a song using Groovebox

How to make a song using your iPad and Groovebox. Groovebox from Novation and Ampify is a great way to start a song. It can play 8 instruments at once, picked from 3 free instruments; the Drumbox, the Retrobass, the Poly-8 and a free limited synth ( You need pay to...

New synths at the SuperBooth 2018

This year a lot of EuroRack modules were announced at the SuperBooth but also a lot of news about complete synths. Ik multimedia, David Smiths instruments/ Sequential Circuits, Roland, Behringer had a lot of...

Jeff Williams

Is Subpac actually any good? It’s a secret weapon!

Subpac is a physical apparatus that provides a physical audio experience not unlike going to a show or a club. You feel the bass! How good is it. Can it replace a sub in a home studio and give the definition needed for critical listening? Let see in the video....

My new EP is on FE3BACk! Make money with my music!

Here is my latest song. For the video I did a montage of clips in sync with the music using video from Beeple under Common Creative License. Check out his work, it's amazing. Making my video with Beeple VJ Clip I wanted to have a music video to help promote the song....

Thanks. Great introduction and overview for the se-02, and also a good basic course on the functions of a synthesizer.
Blooshot Pyramid

V-MODA Crossfade II : Custom Headphones!

V-moda has created High-quality Fashion headphone. They even offert to customized them by adding your logo (or any graphic)! I'm waiting for my "Nu-trix the Synth Guy" plates so I'll have my own branded pair of Headphones!  

AAS iPad Objeq Review and demo

Applied Acoustic System came out with their first iPad app and it's a resonator. You might not think you know AAS but If you use Ableton Live, there is a good chance you worked with their technology. They are behind Operator, Analogue, Collision, Electric and Tension...

Great video! It is good to watch someone explaining how to understand the structure, the different modules, etc. Once we get the concept, there is a world of possibilities for new sounds 🙂
Marcus Padrini