Using Ultrakick to create your own drum sounds

Design your own drum sound with Ultrakick from Isotonik Studios. Isotonik Studios has a cool Plugin dedicated to create drum sounds. Ultrakick provides a drum synth plugin running in MAX. It is made out of 2 oscillators and a noise generator. These are controlled by 8...

Novation Circuit MonoStation Versus BassStation II

Novation is presenting the Circuit Mono Station as a Bass Station II with a Sequencer. My first impression was that is had a less powerful synthesis engine. But When I actually tried it, I was more than amaze. I'm now thinking of selling my Bass Station II to replace...

Been watching all your videos, I certainly have you to thank for helping me get my head around my tr08! Thanks for putting these vids together dude. Exciting times for music tech, never thought I’d own an 808 and 101. Don’t care that they’re clones!

Novation Circuit MonoStation review

Novation Circuit MonoStation : First impression The Novation Circuit series is a really fun series. The original Circuit brought in a very fun and powerful sequencer playing 2 NOVA synths on top of triggering 4 sampled drum sounds. The Circuit Mono Station reuses the...

Get the most out the D-05 Sequencer and Arppegiator

How to program the D-05 sequencer The D-05 includes a Sequencer and an Arpeggiator. They can be used separately or simultaneously. Together they could even offer some type of accompagnement: i.e. With a patch in Split mode you could program a bassline on the Lower...

Jeff Williams

The Waldorf Rocket : Small size but powerful punch

The Waldorf Rocket It's a small synth desktop module that packs a punch. It has a Virtual analogue Oscillator combined with a real Waldorf analogue filter. One top of that, it has one LFO, an Arp and an audio VCF in. It has no memory. What you see it what you get. It...

Is the Roland MX-1 Mixer the ultimate Roland Boutique mixer?

The MX-1 : the best mixer for the Roland boutique? Which mixer is the best for using with the Roland Boutique series. When using more than one boutique synth the question come fast. Some think the MX-1 is the ultimate Boutique Mixer. It's made by Roland It support the...

Thanks. Great introduction and overview for the se-02, and also a good basic course on the functions of a synthesizer.
Blooshot Pyramid

The Roland D-05 Synthesis

Why is the D-50 important historically? The Roland D-50 was the first big hit Rompler with a twist. Just after the huge success of the Yamaha’s DX-7 FM synthesis the rapid evolution of technology brought the option of using short digital recording of actual sounds as...

What to buy for making EDM?

What to buy to start making EDM? A lot of the questions I receive are about how to start making electronic music. I remember the pull into creating music I got in my teenage years. “How do I start making EDM? What should I buy?” Joe Carter Hello Nu-Trix! I’m just...

Great video! It is good to watch someone explaining how to understand the structure, the different modules, etc. Once we get the concept, there is a world of possibilities for new sounds 🙂
Marcus Padrini


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