The 32 best iPad music making apps of 2018

January 21, 2019

The end of the year is the perfect moment to look back and list the TOP apps we can find on the making music on the iPad today.

This is my personal list of apps, those I actually use. I know that there is a lot of other great apps out there, but I did not use all of them… I made choices. Since last year, my approach to mobile music has only got stronger. I love making my own sounds (Synthesis is important to me) and portability is key (as a husband and father of 2, my time is limited). It is important to me to be able to create where and when possible.

iPad music making before it was a thing.

Yeah, I have been using iPad for music creation since I had my first iPad (iPad2). I tried so many of them. Most to the iPad music apps i tried at that time were only partially answering my needs. Happily, as the iOS intergraded better audio and MIDI features, developers started to use them.  So more complete music production apps began to see the light of day. In 2016, after battling with my personal gear lust demons, I finally decided to upgrade my iPad to a fresh new iPad 12 Pro and gain the capacity to run the latest music apps.

For my EP “Nu-Trix mobile sessions” I mostly used Korg Gadget for creation and Auria Pro for mixing and mastering.

2018 : a wonderful year for iPad music

Today, the iPad hardwares and softwares are mature enough to replace a music production computer. And  for less. Yes, you need to buy a device that can cost $$ (like a computer) but the software a way cheaper than their computer counterparts.

Top 32 iPad apps for music production Part 1

Part one:

1: DAW Category

  • Gadget
  • Auria Pro
  • Cubasis
  • BeatMaker3

2: BeatMaker Category @15:45

  • SKRAM @16:05
  • iMS-20 @17:56
  • iPolySix @19:04
  • Electribe Wave @20:37
  • Egoist @23:18
  • GrooveRider 16 @25:55

3: Drum Machine @28:16

  • DM1 @28:29
  • DM2 @28:41
  • SeekBeats @29:04
  • Elastic Drums @29:59

Part 2 : Top 32 iPad apps for music production

4: Synths

  • iMono/Poly @2:41
  • Odyssei @3:52
  • Model 15 @5:04
  • Cassini @6:31
  • Synth One @8:05
  • Poison 202 @9:07
  • Zeeon @9:52
  • LayR @10:34
  • Phase 84 @11:58
  • Cyclop @13:18
  • Aparillo @15:04

5: Effects

  • Effectrix @17:42
  • Turnado @19:25
  • Filtatron @20:49
  • Waves Plugin @21:33
  • FabFilter @22:04

6: Utilities

  • TouchOSC @22:58
  • Lemur @24:29

"In 2018, I was blown away by SugarBytes' Egoist and Audiokit Synth One"

– Nu-Trix the Synth Guy

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