USB MIDI Hardware natively compatible to iOS

Here is a list of MIDI Hardware that uses USB to transmit MIDI. Is it compatible to the iOS or not? In other words : do these devices appears with their names in the iPad as a MIDI device.

No NEED for a MIDI interface!


Company Device USB native iOS AUDIO MIDI
Arturia Microlab Yes MIDI
Arturia BeatStepPro Yes MIDI
Arturia Micro Freak Yes MIDI
DSI Prophet 12 Yes MIDI
DSI Prophet Rev2 Yes MIDI
Elektron Digitrak Yes MIDI
Elektron Digitone Yes MIDI
Elektron Analog Four Yes Both?
Modal CraftSynth 2.0 Yes MIDI
Novation BassStation II Yes MIDI
Roland A-01 Yes MIDI
Roland Rubix 22 Yes Both
Roland TR-8 No None
Roland TR-8S No None
Roland MX-1 No None
SynthStrom Deluge Yes MIDI
1010music BlackBox Yes MIDI
Waldorf Blofeld Yes MIDI
Waldorf Kyra Yes Both
Waldorf Rocket Yes MIDI

Do you have a USB MIDI device?

Does it show up on the iPad?

Write to me about it.